How does MUBI GO work?

If you are a MUBI GO subscriber, you will be able to claim one free ticket per week at participating cinemas for the Film of the Week, which will be displayed on the MUBI GO app each week.

On the MUBI GO app, you can select one of the participating cinemas and a showtime from the listings displayed on the app. This will generate a QR code. You are to present this QR code at the box office of the selected participating cinema in exchange for a ticket.

Please note: Your issued QR code does NOT count as a reservation, and if the screening is sold out before you claim your ticket you will have to select a different showtime. You will only be able to claim your free ticket on the day of the screening. No advance booking is possible, online, on the phone or in person.

Otherwise you can return on another day within the film’s designated week (Friday to Thursday).

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