Which issues are included in my subscription?

Notebook is published twice a year, in May and November. The included issues depend on your date of subscription and our publishing schedule. Should you subscribe at any point before May 1st or before November 1st of a given year, you will receive the immediately forthcoming issue. In all other cases, your subscription will begin with the following issue of Notebook

For example:

  • If you subscribe before June 1st 2023 you will receive Issue 3 and Issue 4
  • If you subscribe before November 1st 2023, you will receive Issue 4 and Issue 5
  • If you subscribe in December 2023, you will receive Issue 5 and Issue 6

PLEASE NOTE: Issue 3 will exceptionally be published in July 2023 and subscriptions will be kept open until June 1st 2023; This won’t have an impact on the remaining 2023 schedule, outlined above.

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