How do I activate MUBI on my Smart TV or Streaming Media Player device?

MUBI is supported on various Smart TVs and Media Player devices. To activate your account on these devices you will first need to install the official MUBI App. Once the app is installed, please follow these steps:

1. Open the app on your TV, navigate to a film page and select the Play icon.
2. This will bring up an activation page with a 6 digit code.
3. Now open up (or the device specific URL on your screen) on your computer while logged into your subscribed MUBI account and input the code you see. (Make sure that it is displayed on your TV at the same time–otherwise it won't work!)
4.  Press "Activate" and you should then receive confirmation. 
5. You should now be able to access your MUBI subscription on your TV!

If you are using MUBI on an Apple TV, please follow the steps below:

1. Open the MUBI app on your Apple TV, navigate to a film page and select Watch Film.
2. You’ll see two options - "Start Subscription" and "Log In". Please select "Log in" which is in a smaller and lighter coloured button underneath the green button.
3. You should now see a screen saying "Welcome back" , where you can enter your email and password.
4. Select your account email on the menu "Previously Used Emails" and then enter your password. If you do not see this email address, choose the "Enter New Address" button at the bottom of your screen.
5. Once this is entered, it should load in your account and show you a screen clarifying that it was successful.

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